2024 Election of Board of Directors

This year the Election for Board of Directors will be by electronic ballot OR mail ballot.

If you have an email on file and prefer a mail ballot you must let Zelda know.

If you have already done so, you are on that list!

Zelda will send out an email about 48 hours prior to the electronic ballot going out and the mail ballots getting mailed. If you are on the mail ballot list you will NOT receive this email. If you do receive this email and prefer the mail ballot contact her that day. She will only have one day to get your mail ballot ready!

This email will have the same information as the mail ballots, plus instructions regarding the electronic system. Specifically to look in your Spam if you do not see the email at the time and date specified. 

The list of candidates for the two open positions are:

Darron Cunningham, Christa McKee, Brian Eli Paral and Ken Spann.

We want you to vote in the manner you are most comfortable.

If you do not get emails from Zelda let her know immediately!


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