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Birds Eye View!

Frequently Asked Suffolk Questions

Scroll down for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Suffolk Punch.

A birds eye view of one of Jay Baileys' teams of Suffolks. Photo curtesy of Steven E. Frischling.

Q. How tall does a Suffolk get?

A. Suffolks average between 15.2 and 16.2 hands tall, though they can reach 17 or more hands (A hand is 4 inches, 15.2 hands equals 62 inches).

Q. How much feed does a Suffolk need?

A. How much any animal eats depends on many factors, including their age, workload, where they live and more. Most will need 35-40 lbs of hay per day, plus some grain. They need more grain when they are working, lactating, or breeding. They will drink 15 - 25 gallons of water per day.

Q. What color are Suffolks?

A. Suffolks are always chestnut in color, though there are many shades ranging from light to red to dark. The maine and tail can also vary in shade.

Q. How many Suffolks are there in the US?

A. There are between 800 and 1200 Suffolks in North America.

Q. Why is this number approximate?

A. This is approximate because some Suffolks are never registered, for a variety of reasons, some registered horses are sold without papers so the Association looses track of them, and some die without the Association being notified.

Q. How many Suffolks are there in England?

A. There are approximately 150 in England.

Q. How much does a Suffolk weigh?

A. Suffolks can weigh anywhere between 1400 and 2100 lbs at maturity.

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